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The Biography of Jennifer Aniston



Jennifer Aniston joked about her love life

Jennifer Aniston was much like many of the other actors and actresses today because her upbringing included having a parent that was an actor. Her father played a major role in Days of Our Lives when she was little. This had made an impact on Aniston because she then started to pursue her own acting career.

Jennifer Aniston
When she was born, Jennifer Aniston lived in Sherman Oaks, California with both of her parents. They spent a year living in Greece, and finally stayed in New York City. This is where her parents divorced and Aniston lived with her mother. Jennifer Aniston joined the Rudolph Steiner School's drama club, and found that this was something that she had a passion for. She went to the New York School of Performing Arts, and she graduated in 1987.

Once she graduated, Jennifer Aniston began playing minor roles in off-Broadway productions. She finally landed a television role in 1989, but in 1993, she was finding it difficult to find work. Then, she heard about a television show pilot that she could try out for. The pilot was originally called "Friends Like These," but afterwards it was changed to "Friends." Aniston was originally going to play the role of Monica in the show, but she insisted on playing the part of Rachel. This television show was extremely successful, and after that, Jennifer Aniston became a sought-after actress.

Jennifer Anist
Aniston married Brad Pitt in 2000, but they were divorced in 2005 after Pitt had acted in Mr. and Mrs. Smith with Angelina Jolie. There were a lot of rumors flying around during the filming of this movie that Jolie and Pitt were having an affair. Of course, these rumors were never substantiated; however, it did bring an end to Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt's marriage.

During this time, Aniston spent a lot of her time working both on the television series, as well as many different movies. She had roles in movies such as Office Space, Along Came Polly, and Bruce Almighty all during the same period of time. Jennifer Aniston was so popular that she even had a hairstyle that other women adored. Her hairstyle became known as the Rachel, and women all over were going to their local salons to have this style done to their hair. This hairstyle ended up drawing a lot of attention to Aniston, and this actually helped her career because a lot of women were going to their local salons and asking for the same style.

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