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Will Smith



Will Smith Slaps Reporter!

Will Smith was born in 1968, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. His mother worked for the school in the area and his father owned a refrigeration company. He was raised in Wynnefield, which is an area in West Philadelphia. Smith grew up with three siblings, and attended Overbrook High School in Philadelphia. During this time was when he gained the nickname Prince because he was talented at talking himself out of being in trouble when he was at school. He did very well in his classes while he was attending high school.

Smith decided that he had a dream to pursue music, and he got his lucky break at a party. He met up with Jeffrey Townes and they started performing together as DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. They became extremely popular, but this ended up not being a good thing for Smith. Most all of the money that he made from performing was spent on houses, cars, and jewelry. In his early twenties, Smith was close to having to file for bankruptcy. However, he was lucky enough that things began to turn around for him.

Benny Medina had an idea for a sitcom, and Smith met up with him in 1989. Smith really liked the plot of the sitcom, which was based on Smith's life in Beverly Hills. Smith got to basically play the role of himself in the show, which was a kid that was moved from Philadelphia to Beverly Hills, California. The sitcom was on for 6 years, and this helped to start Smith's movie career.

He started venturing into the world of acting in movies during the time that he was working on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Smith acted in Six Degrees of Separation and Bad Boys, which critics began noticing him. Then, in 1996, he had a huge hit with Independence Day.

Will Smith was married twice, and had three children. He was married to Sheree Fletcher from 1992 until 1995, and they had one child together. Then he married Jada Pinkett Smith in 1997, and they have 2 children together. Smith met his present wife while he was working on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. She came in to try out for the role of his girlfriend, but that role ended up going to another actress. Smith has a son from his first marriage, and a son and a daughter from his current one.

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