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Kristen Stewart



Kristen Stewart On Cheating: "I Am So Sorry, I Love Rob" 


Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is a name that a lot of people know from the popular Twilight movies that have come out; however, most people do not know how she got her start or how she is still struggling to become a rising star.

Kristen Stewart was born in 1990, and was already destined to become an actress. Her father and mother both worked in the film industry and in television. By a young age, she already knew what it was like to work in the industry. She lived in Los Angeles, California all of her life.

You may be wondering how Stewart was found. Oddly enough, a talent scout saw her acting in a Christmas play when she was only 8, and her career started from there. She started playing small roles in television shows, and was then offered a larger role. After this, she did her first movie, which was Panic Room with Jodie Foster. Each movie that she had acted in, Stewart was nominated for a Young Artist Award. After her third nomination, she won the award.

When Kristen Stewart was 18, she played the leading role in the Twilight movies. This was a fantastic jump for her career because these movies were extremely popular. Of course, the Twilight movies were based on the books that were written by Stephanie Meyer, and they already had a large following. Each of the Twilight movies that came out did well at the box office because people loved the books and they were excited to see the movie.

After she had become a star by acting in the Twilight movies, it was difficult for Stewart to hold the same
stardom. She has since started working on smaller indie films in order to work her way back up again. Her last movie was The Runaways with Dakota Fanning. Though this was a larger film than what Stewart was working on during that period, she still did a wonderful job with it. During this movie, Kristen Stewart was overshadowed by Fanning; however, she still received a lot of praise for her acting and musical abilities.

At this point in time, Kristen Stewart is still working on movies in order to try to get her name out there again. No doubt, she will have the opportunity to play a role in a movie that was as well loved as Twilight, and she will become popular again and have a larger following than what she currently does.

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Kristen Stewart: I don't need to be a Vampire, my hands are enough!!!

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Kristen Stewart hair

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One of the most beautiful girls in the world, Kristen Stewart !!!
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